Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada has 96 universities as listed under the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). Around 26 universities in Canada have been selected and rated in another list called, “The Top 100 universities by 2018 QS World”.

Statistical data states that education spending in Canada increased by $2.3 billion in recent years. Specifically, compensation spending increased from $45.6 billion (2012/13) to $50.4 billion (2016/17). This, in turn, made financial aids, scholarships and grants for international students to study in Canada possible.

Canada prides itself in cross-disciplinary studies. The country is becoming very progressive and inclusive with each passing day. There’s no wonder that Canada is drawing in so many young students. With affordable tuition fees and living costs, Canada has tuition fees starting at around 400 CAD/year for programmes in Social Sciences.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada has a transparent, accessible visa application process for international students. Cross-disciplinary research courses increase the scope of employment opportunities for students. The bilingual country has a seemingly never-ending list of courses for students to choose from. The difficult part is many options will attract your attention but you only need to choose the course you think will do your needful. Applying for a Bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university is really effortless. Signing up in a Bachelor’s programme in Canada is no less of an academic adventure in reality. The courses are food for curiosity, innovation and research. Students can work to liberate themselves from college fees. Sometimes, even a work permit is not required.

Canada for International Students

Canada has Bachelor’s and Masters degrees that are mostly sought after. If students work in the campus area of the college/university itself, they do not even need a work permit. Work permits for fulltime employment outside campuses are easily procurable. High encouragement and undivided support is received by students who plan to work during their college days. With a perfect blend of nature, technology and diverse culture, Canada is truly incredible. It is the unique mix of high-technology, breath-taking natural landscape, and multiculturalism that sets Canada apart. Canada has one of the highest ranks with respect to external factors like safety and security. Anyone searching for an excellent place to study will most likely search for Canada.

Top Universities

University of Alberta
The University of British Columbia
University of Toronto
Humber College
McGill University
University of Windsor

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Cost of Education in Canada

Canada has quite a few programmes that range between 1,000 and 4,000 CAD/year. However, most of the courses cost over 10,000 CAD/year. Living costs are housing, entertainment and food. This will be somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 CAD/month. Vancouver and Calgary are two of the priciest cities in Canada.

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